Updated Blender FBX root bone fix.

Another year... or two... another update. Found myself needing to update my ability to go from Blender to Unreal. Figured I might as well share. Prevent Blender FBX Exporter adding extra root bone And - as you can see by the following vid - I'm still very much working onĀ Ground Branch.

Blender to UDK update #2 & new tutorial

Thanks to a gentleman over at the UDK forums, I can now get from Blender to UDK with the correct model orientation. As such, I updated the MakeHuman to Blender page, splitting off the Blender to UDK section to its own page. Both pages include more information, along with screenshots and suggestions on scale etc. … Continue reading Blender to UDK update #2 & new tutorial

Blender to UDK update

Still have not sorted out the model orientation issue, but it seems that once you add some animations, everything rights itself. Not sure if this will cause problems further down the line, so I will continue to look for a solution. Blender: UDK (no animations): UDK (with animations): Note: The missing head is intentional (not … Continue reading Blender to UDK update