Blender to UDK update #2 & new tutorial

Thanks to a gentleman over at the UDK forums, I can now get from Blender to UDK with the correct model orientation.

As such, I updated the MakeHuman to Blender page, splitting off the Blender to UDK section to its own page.

Both pages include more information, along with screenshots and suggestions on scale etc.


One thought on “Blender to UDK update #2 & new tutorial

  1. I’ve been bashing my head against a wall for three weeks trying to export from Maya to UDK. (The reason I was messing with Maya is a long story!) My masterplan was to go from Poser -> UDK… but your MakeHuman -> Blender -> UDK Pipeline might do the trick. I’ll check it out. I wasn’t even aware of MakeHuman. If i start down this path, i’ll be sure to take some notes and try to help you out!

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