Blender to UDK update

Still have not sorted out the model orientation issue, but it seems that once you add some animations, everything rights itself. Not sure if this will cause problems further down the line, so I will continue to look for a solution.


UDK (no animations):

UDK (with animations):

Note: The missing head is intentional (not a bug/issue with export/import process).

No clue about materials, normals maps etc, but I can get from Blender to UDK with animations that I actually created. Poor, stiff, robotic animations, but I digress.

Happy enough with this for now.

2 thoughts on “Blender to UDK update

  1. Dude, could you share a .blend file with me? i would love to take a look at it because i’m trying to work with animations but they dont work at all. Thanks 🙂

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