Last updated: June 24, 2012

Tools used:

MakeHuman Nightly Build (June 24, 2012).
Blender 2.63a.

Before you begin:

Make sure you have the latest MHX importer.

Copy to Blender addons:

Setup the addon in Blender:

MakeHuman to Blender:

Setup your model in MakeHuman.

Export model in MHX format.
I found ‘simple rig’ to be the most straight forward.

Import model into Blender.

Your exported .mhx should be located in <X>:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\makehuman\exports (or similar).

Be careful with the scale.
The Scene setup I have been using is in centimeters.

When I import a model from MakeHuman, I have to import it at a scale of 10.

Do what you need to do with the model.


4 thoughts on “MakeHuman to Blender

  1. Hi can you please suggest what up/forward should be chosen i chose everything but the character remain flipped in udk

    1. It should be -Y Forward, Z Up, but alas, when I ever I export as FBX, I experience a similar thing.
      I had better luck exporting as Collada (.dae) then using the FBX converter.

      Stange thing is that when I added animations, everything was suddenly facing right way.
      Tis’ very odd.
      If I figure it out, I’ll update this to let people know.

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