This mod is totally unofficial and not supported by Raven Software in any way.

UNF104 originally started out as a “PRO” mod for the CAL SoF2 league. It quickly became obvious that, while some people supported the mod, the vast majority still preferred the the SoF2 version of OSP.
Rather than waste all the work, I decided to release it anyway.

The first version only contained a few bug fixes and no real gameplay changes.
Originally I called this version the “Unofficial 1.04 patch”.
That soon changed.
Now it is just “UNF104”.

UNF104 16/03/2004

UNF104 16/03/2004 source

Quick feature list:

  • Pro-mode server option (g_promode)
  • Shotgun / projectile leaning fix
  • Bot support
  • League support
  • Admin commands
  • Profanity filter
  • Namelist support
  • Dual weapons
  • Improved HUD support
  • Female team members
  • Client-side bodies and gore
  • Numerous gametype and gameplay fixes

What is PROmode?
An optional sever variable that alters the gameplay in certain ways.

  • Quick weapon switching
  • Weapon switching while reloading
  • Improved reload animations
  • Air-nades – grenades can explode in the air
  • Enables 3rd person items
    Rifle on back, pistol on thigh, grenade on hip…
  • Enables 3rd person weapon sounds
    Hear when people are reloading, switching weapons etc…
  • Fixed viewheight while crouched and moving
    Fixes problem where your head can be seen and shot, but as
    far as you can tell, you’re perfectly hidden behind something.
  • Knives can be thrown like grenades
    Hold to draw back, release to throw.
  • Makes the incendiary grenades less of a ‘spam’ weapon by removing
    the knockback affect caused when running through the flames