2013-01-23 UPDATE: Added Mediafire alternate download link (see below).

I am using it as an example of my skill, a demonstration of the true first person viewpoint and to the benefit of the UDK community.

All assets (level, models etc) are the default ones that come with the
Unreal Development Kit and I take no credit for them.

Head/face tracking is done using a *non-commercial* licence of Seeing Machines FaceAPI.

The source is included.


  • true first person view
  • simple weapon collision
  • iron sight / ADS system
  • item pickup via key
  • sprinting
  • walking
  • visible shouldered weapons
  • visible item pickup
  • head/face tracking via Seeing Machines FaceAPI
  • misc bugs

To install, just decompress to a fresh UDK install, making sure to overwrite existing files.

Download links:
tfp20120418.7z GameFront
tfp20120418.7z 4Shared

NOTE: Requires UDK 2012-03 or later to use.


28 thoughts on “True First Person Demo

  1. Your true3d looks very nice. And having a dozen or so anims to get working but with *average coding experience (actually *shite experience imho, but I’m comparing myself to others I’ve seen) – your code will assist me greatly – caveat: ‘I hope!’

    Also, I strongly share your opinions on game ‘realism.’

  2. Thank you VERY MUCH. I am astonished that you worked very hard at this and then just give your source code away like that.
    Your generosity is over 9000. 🙂

      1. I fucking love it! Going straight into my game, I’ll make sure to put you in the credits man! 😀

        Btw, how do you remove the green box around the gun?

    1. All I can say is ‘oops’.
      It is just a debug thing I left enabled in the actual source code.
      You will have to go in tfpPawn.uc, comment out the offending piece of code and recompile it.

  3. Hello, Kris.
    I’d seen that in your readme.
    “As always, feel free to pick it apart, use and abuse it.
    A little heads up and a bit of credit would be nice if you do 🙂


    It means that anyone can use it in it’s project if they put your name in credits.
    How about commercial projects?
    Does anyone need a permission or something?

    1. You will need a UDK commercial license to use the engine. The only thing my permission covers is the code I created. As I said, some credit is all ask. Chances are you will need to update or modify the code for your own project.

  4. Hey Kriss, really nice work, I don’t have any words on how awesome it looks! Not to speak of how generous you are by sharing it I was thinking of using your demo on a project I’ve been working on. Problem is, the gamefront download link is dead. It shows a 403-Forbidden error. Can you upload it on another file sharing site please?

    1. Odd, I’ve had more then a few people tell me the link is down. If I follow the link this end, I can still download it and it says it has been downloaded by others in the last 2 weeks.
      I’ll put it somewhere else too I guess.

      1. Thanks, it would be very nice. I think the problem is that you can’t download files from gamefront if you’re in certain countries. I’m in Italy for example, and maybe it isn’t in the list of countries who can download it.

      2. Ok, added an alternate download site.
        No clue what the best file sharing service is, so I just went with Mediafire for now.

  5. How can I use a custom HUD?

    The gametypes are extended from UT gametypes in your demo

    UTDeathmatch / UTTeamGame / UTVehicleCTFGame_Content and UTCTFGame

    I can’t get a custom HUD to work with these extention on the game types.

    in the default properties HUDType=class’tfpHUD’ has been defined but I can’t get it to work at all
    the default UT HUD shows all the time.

    Any idea’s as the rest of your framework works flawless for me.

    Kind regards,

  6. This is really excellent, that you for posting…….I got a couple of questions for you.

    Did you order an Oculus Rift kit, and will you be porting this over? seems like the next evolution for this project 🙂

    I noticed you had a video on youtube where you switched to Third Person view, How did you do that?

    Thanks! Really inspired and thankful for your work.


    1. Yes I have and yes I will, though I’m hoping integration will be as easy as updating to a new UDK/Unreal Engine build with the API already integrated 🙂

  7. on which line in the Pawn can be removed from the square weapoons?izvenite of nonsense writing from the translator

  8. brilliant! I’ll definitely have a look at this. Will this work with a project extending UTGame? Or would that require large modifications?
    Also, I found the file on mediafire (google), but on this site I could not find any link to it!


    1. Sorry, but since getting access to the Unreal Engine 4 beta I stopped all work on my UDK/UE3 based projects, including the updated TFP demo.

      Apologies to Steve for not replying.

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