Its new and unique… well, for Quake anyway.

Way back when (insert something nostalgic about 80’s computers), my family owned a
Commodore 64. We also had quite a lot of games for it. Among those, was game called “Archon“, created by Anne Westfall, Jon Freeman & Paul Reiche III.
My brothers and I wasted many hours playing Archon, all the while shouting bad insults and one liners from “Transformers : The Movie” (the original animated one).

It was fun.

While there have been sequels made and even new versions of the original (Archon Evolution & XArchon), none of them have made the ‘leap’ into the third dimension.
Enter Archon for Q3:A : or simply, ARQ
It tries to re-create what the original had, but in 3D.
Simple as that really.