The importance of setting up your UE4 project content properly.

Had to move some assets around early in the week – just some assets relating to our magazines in Ground Branch.
Nothing major, right?
Yeah, not so much.

Some of the assets were referenced in all our maps. Others in some blueprint, that was referenced by another and another. And so on and so forth.
What should have been a simple affair quickly snowballed 😦

Code wise, there have not been any particular issues of note, as I follow the coding standard that Epic laid out pretty vigorously… though some of the names I use for classes are odd.

Asset wise, we had somewhat roughly followed the Assets Naming Convention, but this was inter-mixed with a older-UE3 style conventions, personal choices and stupid decisions by me.

For the update, I looked at several different ideas on the matter, but mainly focusing on the Content Pipeline Conventions by Tom Looman and UE4 Style Guide by Michael Allar. In the end, I decided to just go with the UE4 Style Guide and be done with it.

I disabled source control to stop UE4 constantly waiting on Perforce to do its thing. This would somewhat bite me in the arse for maps, due to their size, but for everything else, would be fine.

The next thing I did was to grab a UE4 renaming plugin called MORT – the Multi-Objects Renaming tool. If you’ve ever tried to rename a shitload of files in the editor, you know its a pain. MORT fixes that.

Fast forward to today (Saturday), and most of assets are sorted. I’m just dealing with maps, due to their size combined with my less then ideal internet connection speeds.

Its why I have time to write this 🙂


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