New Tutorial: UI Render To Texture

A feature in Ground Branch requires rendering Unreal textures to the UI, so while adding support for that, I figured I might as well get render targets worked too. The idea was to use it to render models in the UI, letting the player preview various bits of kit before choosing them.

You’d think that rendering a 3D model in the UI would be easy… well, it is… now that I know how, but getting there was a right pain in the arse. Information I found on the subject either wasn’t very helpful or was just plain wrong – especially the part about using the function SetExternalTexture() function.


Anyways, after going through the motions – and much swearing and general confusion –  I tried something different and, to my knowledge, no one else had suggested. It was almost perfect and, as usual, it was one bloody line. A couple of minor tweaks later and I was done.

Thought I better save someone from a potential aneurism and put up a tutorial on it.

Or is it aneurysm?


Tutorial: UI Render To Texture

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