Where the hell is Kris?

G’day, been a bit a busy lately, working on Ground Branch.

I was contacted in August by John Sonedecker about possibly helping out in the coding department. Given the similarity in goals, it seemed like a great match, so I dove in and went nuts. Two months later, things are progressing quite well. Many systems have been updated or created a new and most of the existing code has been replaced. Nothing playable, but a good base to work from.

Some people may recognise Ground Branch from a failed Kickstarter campaign that ended in July. Many have discussed their opinions about why it failed, which I bother adding too. Personally, I jumped at the chance to support it, having already got behind Takedown earlier in the year. Any game aiming to be a truly tactical, thinking mans shooter and sticking it to all the tacticool games out there is a Good Thing ™.

Its a pity more people did not get behind it.
No matter.

You can see my current work shown in semi-weekly blog updates and forums posts at GroundBranch.com.

That’s it.

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