Foot placement.

Believable foot placement is something I have long been seeking to achieve under the UDK.
CryEngine has its Parametric Skeletal Animation System that handles the job.
Unity3d has a Locomotion System created by Rune Skovbo Johansen based on his thesis Automated Semi-Procedural Animation for Character Locomotion.
UDK has a foot placement skeletal controller that works ok when idle, but not while moving.


Believeable foot placement is certainly possible using under UE3 and even the Unreal development network mentions how to do it, citing Gears of War 2.

Predicting foot placment while moving seems to be the kicker.
Easier said then done when dealing with animation blends, different velocities and other actions.

While tempting to try for a full on procedural system, I think basing it on suggestions from the UDN site and Rune’s thesis is currently the best option.

Plenty of other things I’d like to be trying, thats for sure… but this really needs doing for the sake of immersion.

And who doesn’t like a challenge? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Foot placement.

    1. Not too well unfortunately. After several attempts using IK controllers, I went back to fiddling with the foot placement controllers. Alas, still nothing that worked properly. Moved on after that.

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